Solavesta Records Whopping INR 1.5Cr Turnover in its Pilot Stage

Solavesta Records Whopping INR 1.5Cr Turnover in its Pilot Stage

The innovative clean energy startup focused on solar financing estimates to record INR 10 Cr. turnover, based on an impressive growth number of INR 1.5 crores turnover achieved in its pilot stage.


Oct 2023: Solavesta- one of the fastest growing solar financing clean energy platforms has recently achieved an astounding milestone of recording an impressive INR 1.5 crores in turnover even before its formal incorporation as a startup and is poised to acclaim another significant breakthrough by projecting to touch INR 10 Cr. by the end of the ongoing fiscal.


Incepted in late 2020, Solavesta is revolutionizing India’s clean energy landscape with its unique solar financing approach streamlining clean energy solutions. The exponential business growth comes with successful completion and remarkable milestones achieved in the pilot phase backed by its fervent advocacy for green energy and dedication to delivering innovative clean energy solutions that resonate with the rising eco-conscious customers.


As part of its business strategy, the solar financing platform plans to expand its operations into rural areas, aiming to make clean and affordable energy accessible for everyone.


Commenting on the milestone, Vinod Kumar Bali, founder of Solavesta said, “We feel immense pride in building revolutionary tailored solar financing solutions that have propelled us to achieve unprecedented growth and simultaneously emerge as the epitome of clean energy solutions in the country. From flexible financial models catering to a diverse client portfolio to our commitment to the cause and innovative thinking, we have paved the way for a promising future in a short span”


In a highly competitive landscape, Solavesta has been successfully facilitating the demand for clean energy solutions given its team of skilled technicians and service providers placing an emphasis on quality solar installations. This has led to significantly higher customer satisfaction and referrals.


Solavesta’s ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and integrate it with its influential marketing strategies like digital campaigns and community outreach has been a driving force behind its scalability, brand awareness and impressive growth.


Since its inception, the clean energy startup has been actively involved in contributing to the holistic social development of the country. By collaborating with government institutions, Solavesta has been able to undertake solar installations in government schools and educate the masses about clean energy benefits, taking clean energy solutions to a broader audience.


Following the INR 1.5 Cr. turnover in the pilot phase, Solavesta is currently developing micro-financing options to address financial barriers, making solar installations an affordable service for individuals and small enterprises.


At the same time, the solar financing company has gained a significant traction to foster a well-rounded nation by establishing solar training centres and awareness programs boosting education and development.


Additionally, the company intends to stay ahead of other industry players by being at the forefront of technological innovations in the clean energy sector. It intends to explore ways to assimilate solar installations with the grid which will allow customers to sell excess energy back onto the grid, promoting sustainability and offering financial incentives.


Solavesta’s journey from a nascent idea to successfully completing its pilot stage exemplifies the potential and demand for clean and affordable energy solutions in the country. By prioritizing innovation, sustainability and inclusivity, the company is garnered to make a panoramic impact in the clean energy domain by inspiring change on a global scale.