Exclusive Technique Now Available Only in DHI's Authorized Clinics

Exclusive Technique Now Available Only in DHI's Authorized Clinics

India, November 15, 2023: DHI International, one of the global leaders and leading chain of

clinics in hair restoration and transplant revealed its DHITM Total Care System, the most effective means of restoring natural-looking hair. Whatever factors, including genetics, hormones, age, and illness, can cause hair loss. The psychological effects of hair loss and thinning are also well documented. We all lose hair for some reason, which is okay to a certain extent. However, it becomes a matter of concern when you start to experience extreme hair loss. With this new technique of DHITM, you can quickly cure hair loss problems.


DHI International has developed safe, painless, and effective hair restoration treatments known as the DHI Total Care System. With its proprietary DHI Total Care System, DHI International has been at the forefront of the hair restoration and transplant industry since its inception in 1970. This method involves advanced hair transplant by the most advanced DHITM hair transplant technique, with which you can be sure of 100% natural growth and maximum density hair. DHI International has helped numerous people restore hair growth, including business owners, ordinary men, and renowned celebrities. This is one of the best and most efficient ways to stimulate new hair growth. Anyone experiencing hair loss can benefit from this treatment. DHI International focuses on 100% natural hair restoration and prioritises providing patients with the highest standard of care and helping them achieve remarkable results.


Regarding the DHI Total Care System, the DHI Spokesperson said, “Hair transplant with the DHI Total Care System is a risk-free, minimally invasive procedure—Direct Hair Implantation patients at DHI International claim to have the most natural-looking hair. However, there is a reason to be cautious of multiple clinics claiming to provide the DHI hair transplant. This specialised care is only available exclusively at licensed DHI clinics in India and globally.


DHI International is the pioneer of the DHI Total Care System, which is only available in the vast network of DHI-certified clinics.  DHI Total care system is not available at any clinic which DHI Medical Group does not license, and the list of these licensed DHI clinics is available on the DHI International website.”


He added, “If you're experiencing hair loss and are considering the DHI Total Care System, we encourage you to contact official DHI clinics for optimal results. Our direct hair implantation technique is guaranteed to work. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted one by one, stacked properly in a graft tray, and then implanted in the affected area one by one.  In this entire process, our proprietary tools are used with disposable instruments. Implantation is done with the proprietary DHI Implanter, which gives perfect control over the angle, depth, and direction of the implanted hair to give you a perfectly natural result.  DHI provides optimum density through a density card to measure the number of hairs implanted per square centimetre of the implantation area.”


At DHI, we offer cutting-edge hair transplant procedures with the utmost precision and care. DHI Total Care System provides the highest graft survival rate. Our surgeons will help you with healthy hair that looks completely natural. DHI is an outpatient technique that does not involve cutting, stitching, or pain but yields outstanding results. Only DHI Master Surgeons, who have undergone extensive training and certification, perform hair transplants.”


Further, he said, "We don’t only aim to offer high-quality hair transplants, but also we help individuals with enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem that help them stay ahead in all their life’s endeavours.”


DHI International has a staff of board-certified surgeons and medical advisors who work together to create individualised treatment regimens for each patient. It is the go-to clinic for hair restoration because of the high calibre of its medical staff, cutting-edge technology, and pristine facilities. DHI International is at the forefront of healthcare innovation with its groundbreaking DHI Total Care System. DHI has been developing and refining this method since it was first used in 2003. The DHI Total Care System utilises specialised tools and an innovative implantation procedure, resulting in a more natural result than conventional techniques.


The entire procedure is performed under strict protocols, including safety standards accredited by the United Kingdom’s Care Quality Commission and ISO.  Every procedure’s quality is reviewed on quality parameters unheard of in a medical field.”           


About DHI International


DHI International is a leading hair transplant clinic providing high-quality hair transplant treatments, including DHI Total Care System. Since its inception, DHI International has been dedicated to researching, diagnosing, and treating hair and scalp disorders. DHI is in 45 countries, including India, London, Dubai, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. The brand operates 16 DHI-licensed clinics in India. DHI International's revolutionary methods and individualistic hair transplantation strategy have changed the industry's face. Their dedication to quality and customer service has earned tremendous respect and trust from patients worldwide.


DHI International uses a Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia (UDSA) to make an accurate diagnosis. This system considers multiple factors, including a dermatological evaluation, psychological factors, and a precise mathematical count of donor and recipient areas. DHI Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant, Eyebrow Restoration, Cosmetic Hair Patches, PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss treatment, Activa Regenera Hair Restoration Treatment, GFC - Growth Factor Concentrated Hair Growth Treatment, LLLT FDA Approved Laser Therapy Laser Caps Home Treatments. Hair Care Products are just some of the many hair restoration options available at the DHI clinic.



DHI clinics employ highly trained surgeons using cutting-edge methods and exclusive tools to produce permanent, thick, healthy hair. Only DHI-owned clinics in India and worldwide offer the advanced DHI total care system.


Contact DHI hair transplant and restoration clinics for more details. You can visit the DHI India hair transplant website, www.dhiindia.com, or call 18001039300 and book your hair loss consultation at DHI clinics.