Try ‘Book Bargain Buy' Before You Buy, Worlds First Online Bargaining E-Mall. Book Freely, Bargain Directly, Buy Safely

Try ‘Book Bargain Buy' Before You Buy, Worlds First Online Bargaining E-Mall. Book Freely, Bargain Directly, Buy Safely

With the Advancement of technology, there is no need to walk down to a store and purchase something, Online purchasing is nowhere near dethroning brick and mortar shops, for sure, Online stores are fiercely trying to compete for the market. Especially, With the impact of the pandemic Consumers have switched to Online purchases. It is now unusual to find a store that does not have an online presence, you can have it directly at only the touch of a button. This is something that the street stores cannot possibly provide. Book Bargain Buy is the Best Online Shopping Portal, With a Disruptive and whole new shopping experience. Everyone wants to Bargain but Never Bargain out of fear and hesitation. Bargain is a balance between protection for the seller and the rights of the consumer. Book bargain buy is the World’s First E-Commerce which offers Consumers the to bargain instantly on price and quantities with the seller. The revolutionary and legitimate bargain enabled platform. It'll boost Indian D2C eco-system globally and create tremendous job opportunities in India. Also, it will support Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) an initiative aiming at promoting open networks for all aspects of exchange of goods and services over digital or electronic networks.

Founder Director MR. Amit Kumar Sadh, the man who established their Brand, Book Bargain Buy ( on 21 October 2021. Mr Sadh is extremely passionate and calm in all his endeavours. He has 13 years of manufacturing and 12 years of global buying experience for buyer like Poundland UK to Hallmark Card US. He has a Direct connection with more than 300 Manufactures and Exporters of essential as well as non-Essential products exported from India. Mr Sadh got his first order of Rs.2.50L by TCS Organization on 1st day of their launch and till now they achieved sales of Rs.18 Lakhs on reference base and done 96% successful delivery in India and targeted of 4000 users by the end of year 2024.

Advantages To Shop with Book Bargain Buy.

  • Give Reference and Earn Unlimited Bargain Coins Everyday-Users get 100 bargaining coins on Reference sign up or logging into app or website. And If users buy any product, they will earn maximum 10 bargain coins after the order in placed.
  • Resale -Bargain then sell at your price.
  • Book Bulk, Book Friendly-Book Bargain Buy Offers free multi location Shipping in Bulk order. And Offers Bargain above 15% on Bulk.
  • Live E-Commerce Solution.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed.
  • Quality Assurance
  • Online Bargain and Buy-Bargain through the WhatsApp application, download from the App store or create an account Maximum Shoppers are Women, and they are always bargaining before they are buying anything at any store, and it doesn’t give them shopping satisfaction until they bargain at their expected price. Major online E-Commerce. For ‘E-Bay' and ‘Amazon' don’t connect customers to bargain directly.
  • Support” MAKE IN INDIA” (ATAM NIRBHAR BHARAT)-Book Bargain Buy provide a Platform to the local sellers and Indian Manufacture and get Widespread reach for their product. It helps to scale Indian products globally.


The unique selling point of Book Bargain Buy.


Book Bargain Buy provide global flagship E-store as global Franchise, without selling any product gave opportunity to earn 5 bargain coins on every bargaining attempt on WhatsApp. And 5 bargain coins for reference sign up or buying the product. It also grows the bargaining interest in the online shopping customers. It is a low-cost advertising model for targeted customers and creates self-sustainable platform for upcoming D2C Brands and Captured a loyal user base as huge revenue potential. It has first mover advantage in Bargainable E-Marketplace.


Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, we are now able to order products from all over the world from America to China, with only Touch of a button, this is something that high street stores cannot possibly provide. So, Shop digitally at your own price and start bargaining,


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