Rakhi Kapoor books provides a portal for transformation to her readers

Rakhi Kapoor books provides  a portal for transformation to her readers

Rakhi Kapoor is an author of twenty-six books. She is one of India’s most successful woman author, prenatal counsellor and an entrepreneur. Rakhi’s books are power packed with wisdom, inspiration and information. Rakhi Kapoor’s books leave an aftertaste in the mind of her readers urging them to transform and stand up for something they truly believe in.


Rakhi Kapoor is the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards including the Golden Book Awards 2023 and 2024 for her  twenty fifth and twenty sixth book Now You Breathe  and Breaking Free Embracing Me respectively . Author Rakhi Kapoor’s crucial role in championing mental health and women empowerment resonates deeply with those seeking guidance and support in the challenging times of their life. Rakhi  has been fiercely driven to write about sensitive topics through her impactful books related to mental health, relationships, narcissistic and toxic relationships and child abuse. Rakhi’s novice style of writing amalgamates researched and documented facts along with her unique literary flair, making her books stand apart. Her books breaks down complex concepts offering practical solutions laden with inspiration and wisdom for the readers.   


Rakhi Kapoor is also a physiotherapist by profession who pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling (counselling for expecting couples) which was unheard of in India two decades ago. Rakhi’s prenatal sessions were tailored not only to guide young couples through a healthy pregnancy overcoming challenges during childbirth and postnatal phase but also enhancing their emotional needs, mental health and relationship through this transitional phase.


Rakhi has written books addressing significant issues like mental health of pregnant women and young moms, anxiety and fear towards childbirth, mood swings & post-natal depression, infertility etc. She has authored a one-of-a-kind book for an Indian man called Expecting Daddy Delivers which has been translated in to Hindi titled Behtar Pati Behtareen Pita.



Rakhi Kapoor is an established business woman. She is the co-founder of the popular Clothing Brand from South India called Derby jeans Community headquartered at Chennai. As much as Rakhi loves staying indoors engrossed in writing she also loves to travel extensively and trek mountains in various parts of the world. She has completed treks to  Spiti Valley, Mt Fuji, The Everest base camp, Mount Kilimanjaro, Harmukh Glacier, Annapurna circuit.


Rakhi Kapoor has been awarded the Women Rising Star title in the  6th Asian Litfest 2024 in New Delhi conducted by the Asian Literary Society.


Rakhi Kapoor was awarded the Rashtriya Pratibha Samman Award 2024 for her work in the field of Mental health.Rakhi Kapoor has been recognized as the Women face of the year and 100 influential personalities of 2023 by Fox Story India. Rakhi has been awarded the author of the year 2022 at the National Achievers Award in December 2022 at the constitution Club of India, New Delhi. She has received the Exceptional women of Excellence Award 2022 by Yuukke , a global ecosystem for women entrepreneurs.


Rakhi believes that challenging circumstances are opportunities in disguise to grow in life. Rakhi regularly addresses gatherings at various social clubs, corporate organisations and colleges on various topics like women’s wellness, relationships, entrepreneurship and creative writing.




Instagram: @kapoor_rakhi


Amazon author page: amazon.com/author/rakhikapoor