Radisson Blu 75th Independence Day celebrations

Radisson Blu 75th Independence Day celebrations

The beauty of the world lies in the variety of people, their distinct cultures, and the huge celebrations associated with them. Radisson Blu landed on the expectations of its customers by celebrating the 75th Independence day of India in an all-culturally inclusive manner.

The celebrations oversaw distinct ways of celebrating by different states and provinces along with serving almost all traditional food delicacies from all over India.

It is an uncommon scene to witness a hospitality giant respect and reciprocate the cultural and ethnic diversity of a nation in all its practicality.

The celebrations were conducted on 15th August 2022 with a huge attendance from specialists in PR, Marketing, Hospitality, etc.

One of the frequently known faces seen was Akanksha Chandok, a PR and Brand management specialist.

The whole event was captured with professional assistance from Dstudio specialists Dheeraj and Priyanka who most certainly captured the best of the event for everyone to cherish.

It was a well-planned event that respectfully acknowledged the big moment for India.

It can be said that Radisson as a brand has evolved high in terms of keeping traditional spirits high and keeping the touch of people and traditions alive. The expectations of the customers from the brand are higher and it aims to do well on them.