Euphoric Journey: 767_ and Mickey Music's "Sehma" Takes Listeners on a Ride

Euphoric Journey: 767_ and Mickey Music's "Sehma" Takes Listeners on a Ride
  1. Can you tell us about your journey into the world of underground rap?

From 2018, i was a big fan of making music. I was an amateur producer trying to make unique type of beats and collab with many underground rappers. My city has almost 3000+ underground artists, and we had cyphers and rap battle events taking place in my city and these events literally inspired me a lot to start rapping. In the starting days i used to visit my big brother muhzorr's studio and he taught me a lot about how to rap and how to make voice modulations. Just like my journey went i met many new artist friends and spent a lot of time with them and learned a lot. Still it is just the starting, so im eager to meet more artists and hiphop listeners.

  1. What inspired you to pursue this genre?

I loved hiphop by my heart, in my childhood days i used to listen to ice cube, tupac, snoop dogg and eminem so much. But my main inspiration to start this genre was just the indian hiphop culture, i used to look at all my artist friends performing in clubs and shows and i just saw how good the hiphop culture was, we do moshpits and have so much fun in a hiphop concert and this is what inspired me a lot.

  1. How do you define your unique style within the underground rap scene?

My style in hiphop mostly involves the dark or sad incidents about life. I dont like to hate on anybody, all i want is to convey a message to the world about how cruel the world is and also i sometimes make vibey songs but in a unique style of mine. Most artists praise themselves in their songs but i dont, i just convey the reality.

  1. What are some of the biggest challenges you've faced as an underground rapper, and how have you overcome them?

Most underground artists have the same common challenges which are money, family support and time. Even though my parents support me but still i cannot spend a lot of money on making songs which becomes a barrier for me to make better quality projects and my college routine also became a very big barrier for my music career. To overcome them i just find ways to convince my parents for attending events, doing gigs and going for recordings, sometimes i had to lie too for attending studio sessions.


  1. Tell us more about your song, Sehma?

⁠So, me and mickey music were just vibing in the studio, i showed him one of my projects drafts which had the hook of "sehma" and he liked it, then we recorded on it and mix mastered it and it turned out to be a good song. And mickey music really gave an impressive verse (obviously he has a really good voice). Special thanks to gxku, drv, laabh and Notreallyasage (Aditya) for helping me in this project.


  1. Can you walk us through your creative process when writing and producing music?

⁠I write 1-3 songs everyday and i record one song everyday, sometimes the song turns out good and sometimes bad. I always try new experiments on my songs. I tried mumble rap, melodic, oldschool, trap and drill.


  1. Who are some of your biggest influences in the world of rap, both mainstream and underground?

My biggest influences in the world of rap are Seedhe Maut, Mark Bhatia, Venm .etc, tbh there are uncountable but mostly underground indian hiphop inspired me.

  1. How do you see the future of underground rap evolving, and what do you hope to contribute to it?

The future of underground rap is really bright. I see my artist friends grinding so hard, collection money for studio sessions and they have mad talent. I hope i also contribute to the evolution of underground rap.

  1. What message or themes do you aim to convey through your music?

Main message of my rap songs is "nobody is there for you, you are alone in this world, nobody is your own and the world is really cruel, people will eat your creativity, so dont listen to anybody, live the life as you want"

  1. What advice would you give to aspiring underground rappers who are just starting out?

⁠My only advice to aspiring underground rappers is keep experimenting on your songs, keep improving, dont listen to any unnecessary hate and always listen to constructive criticism. And always ensure that you learn something new everyday.