Envirya Silent Room Hackathon Showcases Groundbreaking Anti-Espionage Technology

Envirya Silent Room Hackathon Showcases Groundbreaking Anti-Espionage Technology

Gurgaon, 31st Oct 2023 - The highly anticipated Silent Room Hackathon, held on October  22nd, 2023, has concluded, marking a significant achievement in the world of anti-espionage defence security. The event, organized by Envirya Projects Pvt. Ltd., brought together six talented teams from across the nation, challenging them to breach the unbreachable Silent  Room. This state-of-the-art facility, designed to shield signals from electromagnetic, acoustic,  and RF sources, posed an extraordinary technical challenge that left participants and spectators in awe.


The Silent Room is a specially designed enclosure providing a secure environment to guard against modern-day espionage and eavesdropping, crucial for high-stakes confidential discussions within corporate and governmental sectors. It's akin to a protective bubble,  blocking external thermal, electronic, acoustic, and radio frequency intrusions, ensuring that sensitive conversations stay private and electromagnetic and acoustic signals neither enter nor exit the room. Besides its security features, it also emphasizes clean air quality and can be tailored to fit into new or existing spaces, showcasing a blend of privacy, health, and adaptability. It is to be noted that the entire concept and execution are indigenous as we embark on the PM's vision of Make in India.


This one-of-a-kind Hackathon event was attended by esteemed industry leaders, including  Shri Sanjeev Kumar (CMD TCIL), Lt. General Harpal Singh (Former E-in-C, Indian Army), Dr.  Dibya Prakash Jena (Prof. Acoustics, NIT-R), Cdr. Sanjay Singh (MD, ETS-Lindgren India), and  Mr. Raghu Rayala (MD, RVR Projects), who lent their expertise and experience to evaluate the participants' performances. The Silent Room Hackathon consisted of two challenges, each worth a total of 15 points,  summing up to 30 points for both challenges combined. As no team was able to breach the  Silent Room's defences, they were awarded points based on their approach, effort, and teamwork.


This resounding success highlights the unmatched security and technological prowess of the  Silent Room, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding sensitive information. Envirya extends its warm congratulations to all the participating teams for their valiant efforts and innovative approaches. The Silent Room Hackathon has once again underscored the significance of secure EM and Acoustic shielding, with a state-of-art Air Quality Management System, and has set the stage for future breakthroughs in anti-espionage defensive security technology.

Participating Teams and Participants:


 - College/Location: VIT

- Team 2: Conquerors

 - College/Location: PEC Chandigarh


- Team 3: MetaSilent

 - College/Location: PEC Chandigarh

- Team 4: CompQubit

 - College/Location: PESIT

- Team 5: NIT-R

 - College/Location: NIT - R

- Team 6: Army Signals Group



About Envirya:

Envirya is emerging as a forerunner in the field of Strategic Defence, specifically in the  Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear (CBRN) defence, EMP/IEMI/TEMPEST, Anti- Espionage, and AI sectors. Envirya is incubated with IIT Kanpur and partnered with NIT Rourkela. Incorporated in July 2019, the company is a one-stop solution provider for strategic defence and anti-espionage security requirements. It also specializes in developing technologically advanced hardware and software protection systems, all backed by robust  Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms.