#AuthorRakhiKapoor trends at #1 in India on X - People express their appreciation for the life transforming author

#AuthorRakhiKapoor trends at #1 in India on X - People express their appreciation for the life transforming author

Author Rakhi Kapoor is one of the most popular names in Indian Literature. This author of 26 books has pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling in India. She was in the limelight once again on 2nd May as she trended at #1 on X (formerly Twitter). Readers, fans and followers of Rakhi made the day memorable for her as thousands of them tweeted their appreciation for her.


From sharing book reviews to talking about the inspiration they get from her, the #1 national trend in India heaped praises on Author Rakhi Kapoor. Here are a few tweets:


Recognizing #AuthorRakhiKapoor's crucial role in championing mental health and women empowerment. Her work resonates deeply with those seeking guidance and support in challenging times.







Hats off to #AuthorRakhiKapoor for her relentless efforts in promoting mental health and women empowerment through her books and counseling sessions. Truly an inspiration to us all! @RakhiAuthor





Celebrating the pioneering spirit of #AuthorRakhiKapoor in reshaping the narrative on maternal and fetal health through revolutionary prenatal counseling methods. A driving force in promoting holistic pregnancy care. @RakhiAuthor rakhikapoor.com




Some users even tweeted in their own languages like Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, but all appreciated Rakhi’s amazing journey.


Bahut shandar journey laga hai inka sabko pata hai sab log baate kar rahea hai !!

Inki books bahut shandar hai..!





ஒவ்வொரு புத்தகத்திற்கும் பின்னால் அர்ப்பணிப்பு, ஆர்வம் மற்றும் எண்ணற்ற திருத்தங்களின் கதை உள்ளது. செயல்முறையைத் தழுவி உங்கள் குரலில் நம்பிக்கை வைக்கவும். #AuthorRakhiKapoor






All About The Life Transforming Author Rakhi Kapoor


Rakhi Kapoor is a renowned author of twenty six books, a physiotherapist who pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling in India. She is the recipient of many prestigious national and international awards including the Golden Book Awards 2023 and 2024 for her book Now You Breathe  and Breaking Free Embracing Me. Rakhi Kapoor has been recognised nation-wide for creating social impact through her books and counselling sessions towards maternal and foetal health, Mental health, Women empowerment & wellness, abuse against women and children.


Rakhi pioneered the concept of prenatal counselling in the country through her center Dwi Maternity Studio in Chennai. Rakhi herself had a traumatic childbirth experience. Having got back on her feet after all her struggles after childbirth, breast feeding and post-natal blues she took it upon herself to curate these sessions and write meaningful books so that young women would have practical guidance to make their journey smooth. She has counselled thousands of young couples, expecting women and new moms making the transition into parenthood smooth for over two decades. Rakhi Kapoor has written several books on pregnancy, childbirth, mental health, and infertility for young couples. She has authored a one-of-a-kind book for an Indian man called Expecting Daddy Delivers which has been translated in to Hindi Behtar Pati Behtareen Pita.

Rakhi Kapoor is an established businesswoman. She is the co-founder of the popular Clothing Brand from South India called Derby Mens Wear headquartered at Chennai. As much as Rakhi loves staying indoors engrossed in writing she also loves to travel extensively and trek mountains in various parts of the world. She has completed treks to  Spiti Valley, Mt Fuji, The Everest base camp, Mount Kilimanjaro, Harmukh Glacier, Annapurna circuit. Rakhi believes that challenges and difficult circumstances are opportunities in disguise to grow in life. Rakhi regularly addresses gatherings at various social clubs, corporate organisations and colleges on topics like Health and wellness for women, relationships, entrepreneurship and creative writing.



Insta: @kapoor_rakhi