Kapdewala: A Brand That Is As Unique As The Name

Kapdewala: A Brand That Is As Unique As The Name
Kapdewala: A Brand That Is As Unique As The Name

Like all of us were going through one or more traumas and experiencing a nation wide lockdown and were not even aware what was going to happen next. Some were tense about salaries,  some about the savings as the savings were getting used quickly and there was no backup. No office, no work. This type of life was difficult and a surprise to all of us.

Like all of us were suffering with some or the other stuff. Akash Sharma who was a common man totally dependent on a job working 9 to 6 really hard was not aware of the fact that something like this will happen with him. He will lose his only source of income, his job. He was shocked and was totally dependent on one source of income that is a job. It was all because of Covid his life changed completely may be for a good?

We never know what life brings on to us. He took everything in a positive way and learned a lesson and the zeal to do something of his own was the biggest inspiration to bring out the entrepreneur in him.

He always wanted to do something of his own but wasn’t not sure of What? He had many questions but did not have answers but one thought changed his complete life. The thought was ” nothing will change until I will not change”

This was the starting of his own business “Kapdewala”

Now he is known as the founder of ” Kapdewala”. It deals D2C and is a online apparel platform. He founded “Kapdewala” in 2021. It has customized t shirts for men and women both.

He started his business with a small idea. Last year he started selling holi Tshirts and he actually got a amazing response. And there it was , what he wanted! A great kick-start to the business. He never knew this was going to be a hit. His collection of 1000 T Shirts just got sold out within a month. From here he decided to start selling customized t shirts.

In just a year, Kapdewala has seen some great success and delivered some great customized apparels. It is a desi brand which is unique, comes up with great ideas and good quality as well.