Books shape the personality of a human being. Without books, life is incomplete. Authors are some of the most creative minds who share their thoughts in the form of books. Here we recommend three must read books by reputed authors Niraja Bandi, Dr. Rosie Patangia, and Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee.

The Corporate Napoleon by Niraja Bandi

How much can the history of a man who lived more than 200 years ago tell us today? What can we learn from people who lived in very different times and dealt with very different problems?

The Corporate Napoleon is a unique attempt to incorporate historical perspectives into business management. Following the story of Napoleon Bonaparte through his rise to the highest office in Europe and his subsequent fall and defeat, the book attempts to make them relatable to contemporary corporate life.

The book attempts to blend motivational narrative into a historical framework for the enjoyment of a broad cross-section of readers.

Niraja Bandi has been working as a people’s manager for the past 23 years. She boasts of vast experience in the financial services industry, more so in the management domain. 

Having recently completed an executive management development program through IIM, she currently has a broad base of knowledge which allows her to explore many topics. Some of her key interests include contributing to academics, mentoring team members, advocating for women's empowerment, and making society a better place. Traveling, listening to good music, watching cricket and badminton, reading, and participating in charity events are some of her favorite hobbies. That aside, she enjoys clicking pictures regularly, even though she is not a professional photographer.

Her passion for writing started when she was very young. Well, though she had the passion to write since long, never really explored much as she was busy with her professional career. In 2020, many of us had to work from home due to lockdown. She had some free time for herself wherein she used to browse some posts on social media. She started attending webinars on a wide range of topics to utilise her time effectively. One such webinar actually motivated her to start her journey as an author. Her books focus on educating, informing as well as entertaining the readers. She does not want to restrict herself to any specific genre. She would like to experiment writing all genres of books.

She writes blogs for One million Talent’s Audience. She also mentors the One million talent team.

She is a published author of 6 books namely Empower to Transform, The World as a Neural Network, Against the Storm, The Ones Who Dare, Sniffles and Smiles and The Corporate Napoleon. All her books have become bestsellers.

She is a recipient of the queen award, Prerana Ratna Samman award, Criticspace literary award, The pride of India award, Forever Star world awards, Sahitya Ratna Award, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee Kala Samman Award, Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art award, Woman of substance award, Golden book award, etc.

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Life Changing Quotes by Dr. Rosie Patangia

Quotes are universal. It appeals to the hearts of everyone. It triggers emotions, feelings and curiosity. It leaves an indelible impact on the minds of everyone. Every thought that we express through our words has a power to change us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Composing Quotes is my passion, something which I love and it comes to me spontaneously when I am at my best. I began my journey of writer since my childhood days.

This book is a conglomeration of a variety of quotes on the different aspects of life. It contains a rainbow of thoughts amalgamated together. The writer has tried with her heart and soul to put down in black and white certain observations that she has come across during her journey of life. The words used in the quotes are easy to grasp and insightful. The book is the outcome of the intense love of the writer for the upliftment of humanity and her constant desire to leave a footprint for the future generations.

The 200 Life changing quotes is woven around different aspects such as success, nature, wealth. life, self-love, thoughts, beauty, friendship, love, happiness, action, prayer, team work, time, music, leader, smile, visualization, attitude. Metaphors and similes have been used by the writer. Hope this book titled "200 life changing Quotes" will benefit everyone who comes across in every part of this entire globe.

Dr. Rosie Patangia is an Assistant Professor and Head in the Department of English, Narangi Anchalik Mahavidyalaya, Guwahati, Assam, India. She has done her Ph.D from the Department of Folklore Research, Gauhati University. Her area of interest is literature and folklore. She is a bilingual poet and has co-authored a number of poetry Anthologies.

Her poems have been published in various newspapers and magazines and translated into Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati. She has published her first solo book titled " 200 LIFE CHANGING QUOTES".

She has a number of publications in books, research journals, peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes on literature and Folklore. She has presented papers in National and International Seminars and  Conferences and has received best paper awards for her research papers on folklore. 

She has also received a Certificate of Appreciation, Teacher Innovation Award from Sri Aurobindo Society (ZIIEI) in 2019 for Sustainable Efforts towards promoting joyful and Experiential teaching. She is the lifelong member of All India Association for Educational Research, Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage and Assam Sahitya Sabha. Besides, she loves travelling and painting.

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Life through my eyes by Author Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee

Life Through My Eyes is Sumana's first book. A book that boosts your self confidence. It is a book for self motivation which is necessary to survive and fight against different odds of life.

Sumana Acherjee Mukherjee published two books Life Through My Eyes & The Moment of Joy 

The book Life Through My Eyes was ranked in seven amazing books featured in

Featured in Midget Herald under the column top 10 ambitious personalities who inspire the nation. Got featured in the United Business Journal. Featured on Fox Interviewer as the Latest literary star of West Bengal

Received the title 'Author of the year' by the Millennia Talent Award 2021.

Let’s begin to know the story of small town girl Sumana, a dip in the pool of sweet chaos, tangled emotions and dripping confidence .

She says, "Well let me introduce myself…I am Sumana from Kolkata. A simple girl who established myself as a published author with my two books Life Through My Eyes and The Moment of Joy. She also worked as co-author under many good banners like Rosewood publication, TrueDremster publication, JEC publication etc. A born fighter who embraces the criticisms and turns them to my motivation. Being a tough woman, I never give up. My simple mantra in life is dream big, work hard and stay humble.”

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There are a plethora of books available in the market but we tried to recommend the best ones that you must definitely read irrespective of the genre you prefer. We expect a lot of good work from these three reputed and talented authors.