'The Warmth of Emotions' author Vishakha Malukani aka 'Morika' believes that the achivements belong to the Divine first

'The Warmth of Emotions' author Vishakha Malukani aka 'Morika' believes that the achivements belong to the Divine first

Vishakha,  psychology postgraduate trainee for autistic kids with a child care center, author of two books, had always been in the habit of writing diary and penning down her feelings.

Mixed emotions as we feel and experience at every moment in life. It's not easy to always express how you feel in words. Sometimes all it takes is one diary, pen, peaceful night and a cup of coffee so this is all how it all started the journey of writing a second book. Penning  down was always easier and comforting as compared to explaining what you feel as sometimes words aren't enough.

Vishakha Malukani, an author of best selling book titled her book as "The Warmth of Emotions'' in her book you will find her writing expressing every emotion a person come across in day to day life say love, romantic relationship, long distance relationship, heart-broken, loss of near dear one, friendship, self love and move on with which everyone could relate. You will feel the warmth of each emotion she has chosen to write on. You will fall in love with Innocence of her words.

That is what she is known for "Innocence not only in her looks but in her Words as well"

She has also twice won "Writer of the year award" in 2021.

Her articles were also published in esteemed news articles like

* The Mid-day (E-paper)

* The Real Prenuer

* The India Saga

* The Daily Hunt

* Fox interviewer

* The Daily beat

* Punjab metro

* Google News

You can find her first book which was published in the year 2019 named  "Feelings" in which you will come across quotes related to Love , Life and Kanhaji  again you will be able to feel and could relate easily to what she is trying to say through her words. 

It's always easy for people to relate with what she writes. She has also  co-authored 20 + books in the last 2 years. 

Apart from this she has also achieved a lot in her field. She is currently working as a Trainee for autistic and learning disabled with a child care centre. She has also worked with several NGOs as a counselor or an educator. She believes nothing is more comforting then being the reason for someone's smile that is so much satisfying for the soul. 

She has achieved around 40 certificates by attending webinars, online workshops and interning with different institutions in last 2years. 

Even after so many achievements people know her for her "SIMPLICITY " because she always believes her achievements belong to Divine first, then to people who support her in every odds of life and lastly to her, and this is what helps her to be so calm and down to earth. She is so much into spirituality that her pen name is "Morika" which means peahen dear to Lord Krishna'. 

Vishakha's both books include her real life experiences be it of her own or of her closed ones. She has tried to make her words easily understandable by using common English. 

You can reach her through her instagram handle vaishu_m1911 or her mail id vmalukani1911@gmail.com