The term business strategy is often used as a measure to analyze a company’s growth. From start-ups to large corporations, effective planning and marketing strategies play a major role in determining the advancement at all stages.

With the changing dynamics of the world at large, digital consultancy and marketing services by professionals has become a catch to make it to the list of the big players in the business sphere. Dr. Bhaskar Swami (Ph.D.) is an independent Digital Business Consultant & Binge Marketing Expert based in Jaipur, India who provides consultancy services to help companies, start-ups and individuals multiply their revenue 10x and take their business to the next level.  Dr. Swami has been onboarded as Subject Matter Expert for Digital Marketing & Binge Marketing, closely working with Dr. Vivek Bindra & Bada Business Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Swami is a Google certified digital marketer and consultant and is a serial entrepreneur, Life & Spiritual Coach, Angel Investor and Startup Mentor. He specializes in understanding the latest market trends, identifying the target customer base and their behavior and accordingly provides a roadmap to ace the competition. His unique and powerful marketing strategies have earned him the reputation of being the guiding light and the creator of various establishments dealing in business and the tech sector.

Digital Marketing has ushered a new era of growth and possibilities for brands to mark their presence online and connect with their customers. Building this presence online helps boost any business by advancing the engagement rate. Other than aiding the process of establishing a dominant online presence, Dr. Swami makes digital interactions effortless with his strategies to carry out day-to- day operations. He is of the opinion that even renowned companies over the time lose their authority if they are reluctant to change their social media management strategy.

Dr. Swami bases his work on certain principles. He makes sure to follow a Transparent Reporting process right after a strategy is successfully implemented through campaigns. He also ensures Ongoing Optimization of Campaigns by providing progress report based on the current performance and accordingly makes strategy adjustments that continually optimize campaigns for success. Besides this, Dr. Swami provides his clients with High-touch Local Customer Service to experience a close working relationship with him.

Aged 31, Dr. Bhaskar’s exceptional caliber in influencer-level marketing services, digital marketing, branding strategy, general technical documentation, and AWS cloud consulting has helped him build a client base of more than a thousand loyal customers. With over twelve years of experience, Dr. Bhaskar has helped around one lakh coaching institutes build their businesses through mobile applications and is currently working on 50+ live projects.

Working closely with the Government of Rajasthan, Police Headquarters as Technical Advisor, as National IT Head in the Rural Journalist Association of India (RJAI). As Tech advisor in the various field of technology is testament to the fact that Dr. Swami’s tech know-how is unmatched.

Besides ruling over the branding and marketing industry with his extensive knowledge, Dr. Bhaskar inspires people to follow the path of meditation and spirituality. He is an active member- practitioner and often participates in ISKCON for the same as International Membership holder in ISKCON. As a spiritual and meditation coach, inspired by Late. Pitamah Brahmrishi Patriji, Dr. Bhaskar Swami laid down the foundation for Million Dollar Meditation Formula (MDMF). He was also a part of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement as an activist (PSSM) and launched an application named PSSM Digital which offers free services like meditation and healing to the masses in order to live a mindful life.

Dr. Swami has achieved a milestone in his journey in the field of marketing. In the past ten years, he has been nominated for multiple awards and received 10 of them among which, the most significant accolade was the ITSMA's Marketing Excellence Award 2019.

An upcoming event, The GT20 Summit (Group of Twenty Countries Summit), also known as the Gnarly Troop of Twenty, is an international conference with the aim to foster peace and brotherhood by engaging in talks about international cooperation, intercultural education, and sustainable development. The summit meeting marks the presence of eminent global personalities including heads of state, diplomats, bureaucrats, professors, scientists, doctors, judges, young leaders, CEOs and many others and seeks to address issues pertaining to the world at large.

2022 marks a special year as this conference is all set to take place in the capital city of India, Delhi on 9th and 10th October, organized by the Gnarly Troop Foundation. Dr. Bhaskar Swami, Vice President, Gnarly Troop Foundation.

Dr. Swami urges people to tear down all walls and reach their goals by connecting with him for Digital Business Consultancy and marketing services on their journey to success. 

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