The Crafted story of a small town young entrepreneur revolutionizing Indian Fashion

The Crafted story of a small town young entrepreneur revolutionizing Indian Fashion

With The Crafted, Asif has proved one fact – Entrepreneurs are Dreamers, visionaries and problem solvers who revolutionize their dreams and vision into Reality.


They prove every problem has a solution and every solution is an opportunity to grow.


An entrepreneur always searches for problems, responds to them, and exploits them as an opportunity to bring about a revolutionary solution. Entrepreneurs are unsung heroes of our era.


Asif Ahmed Subhani was born into a family that has been in the textile industry for ages and his roots have profoundly benefited his entrepreneurial journey. He grew up in Unnao, the small town of Uttar Pradesh and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Pune, Maharashtra.


As he has been seeing business from childhood since the age of 4, accordingly he has got 25+ years of textile manufacturing experience and 5+ years of experience as a Digital Marketer and E-commerce Manager.


Some say "Entrepreneurs are born not made.", and some say " Entrepreneurs are made not born."


Asif proves both statements to be true. He is a born entrepreneur but his consistent learning and his problem-solving and caring attitude also made him into one.


"A true entrepreneur does not start a business for the lifestyle. He starts a journey for the challenge."


Asif's entrepreneurship journey started with the word "Care". It is "Care" that sums up the values and the philosophy of his brand "The Crafted". He has been observant of the problem women faced in finding a colour match for their costumes. The entrepreneur in him and the care he has in him as a born leader instigated him to find a solution.


The revolutionary solution this young entrepreneur came up with is a brand platform The Crafted and TCOMaC - The Crafted Online Matching Center, the World's first web app tool to facilitate women to order their matching colour cloth material from the comforts of their homes.


Starting with women bottoms like Saree Petticoat, Patiala Salwar and Plain Fabric, Asif is making TCOMaC One stop matching platform for all the product categories which people usually find difficulty in getting matching color quality product through the local market or even online.


Asif is a visionary on a mission to craft a New India that is self-reliant. He is working on women empowerment and youth education. He through The Crafted is amplifying women's voices, educating them, training and mentoring them, promoting them on various platforms, and providing them multiple employment opportunities. He is helping thousands of youth in their professional development.


"Success is a destination & failure is the vehicle you need to reach there."


Asif started his first e-commerce startup in Pune at the age of 22 after dropping out of his placements from his PG in marketing in 2015 but in just one and a half years of working the startup failed due to various reasons. But Asif has a belief that failures are vehicles to reach success.


Thus, Instead of succumbing to his failures, Asif used this failure to reach success. He learnt from the failures and kept exploring and improving his skills till he found the Crafted.



The Crafted: An introduction.


The Crafted is an Indian revolutionary Fashion and Lifestyle brand, founded in 2018 with a vision to Empower Women Educate Youth and contribute to crafting The Crafted New India.  With the Crafted, Asif aims to enabling social entrepreneurship throughout India by empowering Indian women through this platform and also educating the biggest assets of the country, the Youth and making them Self reliant and thus creating an Atma Nirbhar Bharat.


Asif has inculcated his principles and mission in The Crafted and thus The Crafted has as its Core objectives  :


  • Women’s empowerment
  • Passion
  • Inspiration
  • Leadership


The Crafted is a platform that provides unique opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs to be the manufacturers, distributors and sellers by being an interface between the buyers and sellers. It aims at making buyer and seller interaction easy and fulfilling.


The Crafted and Women Empowerment?


The founder of The Crafted's primary focus as an entrepreneur is on Women Empowerment and Educating Youth. As such The Crafted primarily focuses on women empowerment and Youth Education.


The Crafted is working on its mission of women empowerment in three ways:


The Crafted Women Customers:


The Crafted's free colour matching tool TCOMaC, an online matching centre web tool which provides women with the power to select matching colour costumes or accessories for their costume in just a few clicks and get them delivered to their doorstep within the shortest period of time.


The Crafted Women Stitching Partner:


At present, many women are supporting themselves and their families by working with The Crafted. They procure unfinished raw materials from their workshop and stitch them at their home and send the stitched products back to the workshop for further processing.


The Crafted is providing stitching work to local women and thus empowering them by providing them work-from-home employment opportunities. They are playing the role of the backbone of The Crafted, which is expanding its Stitching Partner network to multiple cities and states for various product categories.


The Crafted Women Resellers & Distributors:


Through this route, the Crafted is enabling women Empowerment (women entrepreneurs selling on Meesho and other platforms or who want to start selling online) by allowing women to partner with other e-commerce platforms as The Crafted's associates and reach out to their women shoppers who wish to match color costumes and also retailers to sell in bulk. The associates earn a commission every time their shoppers purchase with us.



The Crafted Online Matching Center


The Crafted's TCOMaC is an AI-enabled web app that helps women find matching colour costumes and accessories in just a few clicks and get it delivered to their doorstep.


"The Crafted" is a D2C startup in the women's fashion niche and with TCOMaC Asif is trying to solve a regular problem Indian women face i.e finding matching colour bottoms for their outfits easily (in just a few clicks)  and get them delivered at their doorstep in the shortest period time possible.


"Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionised the fishing industry."


Asif A Subhani is a social entrepreneur who is on a mission to enable social entrepreneurship across the nation.


Asif through his brand 'The Crafted' is enabling social entrepreneurship in society by providing work-from-home opportunities to Indian women.


He is building an ecosystem of manufacturers, sellers, stitching partners (local women), and consumers. Through his brand the Crafted and the Crafted's TCOMaC, i.e., a colour matching web application,  Asif has provided a technical solution to Indian women matching colour wardrobe worries problem.


This is how this young entrepreneur Asif A Subhani is Crafting a New India and revolutionizing the Indian Fashion and Textile Industry.


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