Meet the founder of Distil Education and Technology Pvt. Ltd. Arjun Mishra Entrepreneur.

Meet the founder of Distil Education and Technology Pvt. Ltd. Arjun Mishra Entrepreneur.

On the surface, Arjun Mishra is an accomplished social worker who provides education to the youth of our nation to help them out. He belongs to a small-town family from Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, India, and 08 May 1993. A small-town boy Mr. Arjun Mishra started his career life as a teacher in the village. He understands the value of education that can resolve the problem of the poverty line. That is why he always desires to encourage people to grow and achieve their life dreams.         

This is the narrative of an incomparable small-town boy Arjun Mishra who once went ahead as a teacher for the township or village kids and also did many other odd jobs yet he is now the central part founder of a multi-million company. Mr. Arjun Mishra has a desire and vision to help out and educate the youth of India. Along with this, he is an extremely humble and down-to-earth person, Arjun Mishra is a person who has a heart of pure gold.

As he understands that education plays an essential role in the growth of India by taking this in mind, he launched a company to ease the learning and to get the job for the needy one. As well as he launched many helpful courses from many segments likewise pulp engineering, paint engineering, and packaging. Consequently, in training in these courses companies could hire candidates for specific fields. Along with this, he is an entrepreneur and also a founder of Distil Education and Technology Pvt. Ltd. in 2017.  

In a span of 4 years since its inception, the company had successfully clocked revenue of 50 Crores. As well as he also being a part of people’s jealousy, obsession, and drive but these things never weaken a person as he does, always considered making his life dreams complete by helping people by being their supporter to make their dream alive. Arjun Mishra makes the success in the company by taking a mission to make a distinction life of people easy by submitting them a good part of the knowledge and to make them educated.   

He is a pure or kind heart person that achieves his dreams to make many more people achieve theirs and to complete his dreams he made a lot of effort like had to travel extensively, almost 30 cities in 30 days. Thanks to his polite attitude and strong communication skills connection with several consultants, companies, and HR representatives. The courses involved recruiting 10th and 12th pass students and then giving them education, skill, experience, and employment Instead of studying through colleges, the courses were under company training.

Therefore, as he understands the skills-based higher education that helps people to grow faster than he also produced a skill-based personnel workforce and he as a creative thinker flourished to convey about a revolution in the life of the human being.