Manish Soni Indian Musician Bollywood Singer Is All Set To Rule Punjabi Music Industry

Manish Soni Indian Musician Bollywood Singer Is All Set To Rule Punjabi Music Industry

We’ve heard of stories of people, with no support and only their talents, becoming pop stars in the United States or Canada; the likes of Lil Pump and Justin Bieber, amongst a few others. Well, here’s the story of an up and rising ‘Indian popstar’: Manish Soni! Manish Soni is a source of inspiration for today's millennials. Manish Soni is a growing own music company "Manish Soni Music Company" who has a really huge fan base across multiple social media platforms. The story of Manish Soni’s sudden rise to stardom is not really very fancy but rather very humble and organic.

Manish Soni hails from the small town of Rajnandgaon which is located in Chhttisgarh. Manish Soni was born and raised in a family of sonar. Manish Soni studied in a government school. Manish Soni was a back bencher at school and admits that he was unaware of his potential. Initially Manish Soni believed that he was just one among the ordinary. But through motivation, dedication and hardwork Manish Soni was able to rise above mediocrity and establish himself as a rising internet superstar. The story of Manish Soni’s growth and success continues to inspire the youngsters of Rajnandgaon (Chhattisgarh). Today, Manish Soni is a national icon and motivates the youth of India.

So, what exactly does Manish Soni do? Manish Soni is a famous bollybood music artist, actor and lyricist in the Punjabi music industry. Manish Soni has starred in a music video for which he penned the lyrics. The song became an immediate internet sensation and continues to be the tune to which today’s youngsters dance to. It is none other than ‘Black Blood’, which was produced by "Manish Soni Music Company"! In less than a month, the music video has received a whooping 5 million views, surpassing the view count of music videos by mainstream artists and various other movie teasers and trailers. The song is a phenomenon in West Side India.

Manish Soni, who has achieved stardom at the young age of 24, has a message for his fans and India’s Youth: “It’s not only about what you do but how well you do it. If you possess the right knowledge and skills, the sky’s the limit for success.” What’s most surprising about Manish Soni is that it was his very first song that catapulted him to fame; it reflects the amount of dedication, hard work and determination he had put in behind his work.

But Manish Soni has not forgotten his roots and continues to do all that he can to help support and lift up those who have been devastated by the COVID 19 pandemic and have been deprived of basic necessities. Manish Soni has made the nation proud by not only being one of its youngest entrepreneurs, but one who is also a social worker and is working hard to make the lives of people better.. All of India eagerly waits for Manish Soni’s upcoming projects. The story of Manish Soni has just begun.

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