Karan Deol:New Album Upcoming First Verified Musical Artist and Influencer.

Karan Deol:New Album Upcoming First Verified Musical Artist and Influencer.

 Karan Deol

 Indian-based musical artist Karan Deol is a young Indian Musical Artist and Influencer who has been acclaimed on international platforms. He wants to go far with the love of the fans and well-wishers. Currently, his songs have received a huge response on audio-video musical platforms in the country and abroad.

 The growth of the internet has given many things to the users and this includes social media as well.At the helm of affairs, YouTube has gained a good popularity on the web.

 He first set foot in the music world with a musical tune titled ” Although he gained a lot of popularity at the beginning with the song “one side love”, he has shown his skills as a lyricist and also he has been released his songs along with more than 200+ platform on the Internet, which has led to a lot of positive results because of his Musical activities throughout the social media platforms, including YouTube. Public relations is simply a piece of him.

 He is very optimistic about the bright prospects of the music world. In the hope of changing society, this young artist is constantly composing innumerable popular songs.This young and dynamic personality not only uses his influence to draw in and endorse . His passion for creating content along side his skills and perseverance reflects that there’s no force powerful enough to prevent you from achieving heights if you’re persistent enough together with your efforts.

 It has its own YouTube channel to promote music, which has been verified as an artist channel by the YouTube authorities. He has taken the initiative to build a studio soon with a new dream in the field of music. So that new talents can reach people.Karan Deol  has created a name for himself in the fields of music and entertainment. That has made him one of the leading social media influencers of his age.Speaking about the award, he said, “This award has pushed me further on the road to doing things for the greater good.”

 He said in a statement to the media, “I have been able to come to this with the prayers and love of the listeners and fans. I wish everyone blessings and love to move forward.

Karan Deol commenced his rapping career as an English language rapper. Due to financial reasons, initially he himself write lyrics, produced, and record his songs. In 28 May 2022 , he released his debut song titled one side love on his Youtube channel. Afterward, he released a few more songs. Later, he started making Hindi rap songs, after he came to know about one side love  Hindi rap song.


Physical Appearance:

Height: 5′ 8”
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Black

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