Supermarket or grocery store franchises offer opportunities to run a successful business with backend support and customer footfall. The recent lockdown witnessed overwhelming sales of supermarket, grocery/kirana stores.

G- Fresh Mart retail chain is a growing name in this field. The modus operandi of G-Fresh Mart Is based on Franchise Model. G-fresh mart franchise business operates with a guarantee to open a store within a time period of 45 days, with the best margin, use of superior software database, great products and exceptional digital promotion strategies.



The concept:


G- Fresh mart believes in the ‘Indian ideal’ of self-sufficiency, while respecting the consumers’ time and needs. Taking a trip to the market to purchase groceries and essentials can be a tiresome task for many. G- Fresh, officially established its brand in January 2022, with its head office based in Noida, UP and started working on building a digital platform to ensure availability of readily available daily need products and groceries in the most hassle free manner.


While saving time and energy of the trips taken to the grocery stores only to return back empty-handed, G- Fresh aims at providing its customers with an expansive range of products including grocery & staples, personal care items, stationery products, beverages, kitchen items, household products and dairy products at the most economical rates.

The mechanism:


G- Fresh Mart is involved in setting up Product Grocery stores, toys, bakeries, stationery, personal care products, travel solutions, books and magazines, beverages, frozen food and ice cream, fruits and vegetables, tobacco, and others.

G-Fresh mart retail chain is a user- friendly online supermarket and grocery store that promises to take care of daily needs of its customers’ by offering an array of products and groceries from the best store in town at the most reasonable price.


While providing extensive support in Accounting, Purchasing, and Operations Support, Television Ads, Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads, Pamphlets, Support Hoardings, Social Media Ad Training, Staff Training, G- Fresh Mart also extends support to its franchise owners by assisting them in interior planning, offering high margin products which in turn helps them boost their business sales.



The Outcome:


G-Fresh Mart retail chain has successfully embarked on this venture with the opening of six stores in a short span of three months.

With an assortment of products to choose from and the ease of ordering products in a few clicks, G- Fresh is constantly evolving as a trustworthy business name among its customers’ and franchise owners. Customer satisfaction is the priority at G-Fresh. In addition to great deals and discounts and amazing bargains, G- Fresh offers made-to-order products to suit individual taste and necessities.

Franchise Owners are the prime source behind the success of G-Fresh mart. This retail chain offers free consultancy calls/ strategy calls according to the owner’s requirements and helps design a layout beneficial to both ends of the contract. Evolving businesses need to approach challenges in a different way, which is duly prioritised as one of the training strategies by G- Fresh Mart.


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G-Fresh Mart is a principle-led private industry retail chain with the vision of transforming the consumer market with its supermarket franchise model. The model has a specific layout of requirements for setting up franchises Pan-India, extending over a tenure of five years. They are committed to offer the best return on investment within an approximate time of 12 to 15 months after setting up the store along with 3 percent royalty right after 3 months of setting up the business.

Besides building a reliable name for itself, G- Fresh is known for its above and beyond support mechanism. They provide free website for two years, backend purchase entry Support for three months, digital &offline promotion and lifetime software training, making it the most credible and go-to franchise name both for its associates and customers.