Etsah Trinity is into the following services: Holistic Mental Health care, Health and Wellness events, Health and wellness coaching!

Etsah Trinity is into the following services: Holistic Mental Health care, Health and Wellness events, Health and wellness coaching!

Healing internally is an essential element of easing the pain one is feeling on the outside. Doctors are often referred to as healers as they have the knowledge to offer the right help to their patients. As science is advancing, health education and spirituality have grown to share a deep connection as it helps those suffering find solace and discover strength. Healing originates from a higher calling in life and both the roles of a doctor and healer offer compassionate service to the society.

Dr Stuti Pardhe, aged 42, based in India is a passionate Doctor and a Healer whose expertise has contributed greatly to benefit the mankind. Having pursued most of her education from the UK, and the USA, she specialises in the area of mental health. Mental Health means the state of well-being where we are aware and realise our abilities and are able to cope with the everyday stress of life.

Regulating the negative feelings and behaviour in order to lead a healthy lifestyle is very important and Dr Stuti Pardhe through her establishment ‘Etsah Trinity’ is vested in making the world a better place through her initiatives.

Her journey started at the young age of seventeen when she got the opportunity to go to the U.K to pursue her Bachelors. Since that tender age, she has been involved in counselling and healing the subdued emotions of people. Dr Stuti’s life purpose is to transform the lives of people by way of permanent healing which would bring them close to freedom. She has been working on this dream of hers for nearly two decades and has achieved many milestones on her way.

Among her notable achievements, Dr Stuti’s work with an International Justice Mission from the year 2004-2006 to rescue minor victims from prostitution in Mumbai is highly admirable and praiseworthy. She was involved full-time in looking after the post-care and rehabilitation of victims after the rescue. Additionally, Dr Pardhe’s contribution to the society at large, through her acts of social work besides being a Doctor by profession is noteworthy. In the year 2018, Dr Stuti organised a social event for the women of Jaipur ‘Miss and Mrs Celeste’ to enable girls and women identify with who they are. The grand event took place at a five-star hotel of Jaipur where all women present there were given a chance to walk the ramp with confidence, respect and dignity. This event witnessed the presence of various dignitaries, media personalities and professionals of the city Jaipur.

Dr. Stuti has recently added another feather to her cap by pursuing the study of Naturopathy so that she can use natural modality to heal mental disorders. In addition to this, she has added 'Hormonal corrections' as her speciality which came about due to her own personal experience of fighting obesity caused due to hormonal imbalances.

She dedicates her service to the Glory of God and strongly believes in the path she is following. She has been presented with the honour of giving an interview about her life story on national television- Rajasthan Doordarshan on the show 'Dharti Dhora Ri'. Dr Stuti has received various awards and certificates as an extraordinary achiever in her field and wishes to take her brand ‘Etsah Trinity’ globally.

Currently, she has relocated from Jaipur and is residing in the southern-part of India. She is also the brand- ambassador for a US based organisation and is on the waiting period to move abroad. Dr Stuti dedicates her life journey and purpose to the service of God and states that all her work of bringing healing to the lives of individuals and spreading smiles is to bring honour to the almighty, the creator of life.