EHO Healthcare – One-stop solution of healthcare with prompt emergency assistance

EHO Healthcare – One-stop solution of healthcare with prompt emergency assistance

Emergency medical assistance plays a vital role in the nation’s emergency care system to avoid any emergency incidents. India, being the largest democracy and second-most populous country in the world, surprisingly loss of life due to accidents has been huge every year due to a lack of Emergency medical services, as per the report. Additionally, every year, it is predicted that 42800 persons per million die from sudden cardiac arrest. Keeping in mind the current situation and the pressing need to address it and take corrective action, EHO Healthcare was founded in 2022 with the sole purpose of making medical services such as ambulances, hospitals, medical, and labs more convenient and accessible to the public by reaching out to them through a mobile application, as well as bringing down medical costs.

EHO Healthcare adopted and deployed technology to support the performance of Emergency healthcare Services in the form of a mobile application that caters to a plethora of services with a wide variety of facilities to address the emergency situation with Ambulance, Hospitals, Medical, and Laboratory to minimise and make possible quick emergency assistance in all emergency incidents like a road accident, sudden cardiac arrest, or any other medical emergency services. Needless to mention, technology has proved to go a long way in solving the complex and prevalent emergency medical problems when EHO healthcare came up with its technology-led platform EHO healthcare application to provide low-cost treatment & operations in all Hospitals and Labs in India, e-pharmacy, e-diagnostics, as well as OPD facilities that are considered as a critical segment forming a key element of the digital ecosystem in an easy manner with full transparency of the healthcare Industry.

Launched in 2022 by the founder and CEOMr. Devkar Saheb, EHO healthcare as the health technology platform is bridging the gap of the fragmented Indian healthcare market with efficiency gaps by providing online delivery of medicines, health and wellness products, diagnostic services and teleconsultation with doctors, availability of Ambulance services in one click with full awareness of the Hospital treatment history anytime together with the availability of lab reports on the mobile application.Consumers sitting at home can use the EHO mobile application to book the nearest pathology lab for blood, urine, stool, and sperm testing, as well as get information about nearby hospitals, private and government ambulances, medical stores, nursing homes, clinics, doctors, pathology labs, and diagnosticcenters.


In the words of Mr. Devkar Saheb “Ourmain goal of launching EHO Healthcare is to make a significant shift in the Indian healthcare ecosystem by lowering costs by half so that every class of people can get access toproper treatment and other basic and emergency healthcare services”


It’s a matter of fact, that the scenario has changed drastically where health tech has become the vital forerunner for transcending and reversing the condition of the medical and healthcare Industry. EHO healthcare is leading the way forward by becoming a boon and a necessity for the patients, thereby treating every ailing person with special care in the blink of an eye. The Internet of things is the buzzword today and this futuristic technology has rightly collaborated with EHO healthcare apps to deliver out-of-the-box results.


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