D&M Consultancy Is Helping Their Client's Revenue to 300% taking their MSME Business to the next level in real sense.

D&M Consultancy Is Helping Their Client's Revenue to 300% taking their MSME Business to the next level in real sense.

With growing competition day by day, firms or industry whether small, medium or large, hiring a consultant is a very important decision. As they are huge time savers and a real assets to growth and development. Consultants can provide expertise and an objective eye to help in promoting a business, with the different consultants specialising in various industries and areas.Management consultant companies or firms exists in every corner of the planet and serve virtually every industry.D&M business consultancy was established in july 2019 in Ahmadabad Gujarat, is specialized in consulting the future business by understanding and planning better strategy and delivering effective results for the developing process. D&M expertises in various industry and sector such as textile, engineering, retail, food and beverages, pharma, chemicals, FMCG etc., to enhance the growth of businesses. D&M teamed up of experts professionals from various sector like sales and distribution, retail,  marketing, IT, franchise networking, HR and get partnered with client’s to find solutions for the challenges they are facing in their crucial business activities.

D&M is a partnership firm founded by two friends Subodh Malasi (founder) with 14 years of corporate experience in various industry like Retail Operations, sales and distribution, branding and marketing, quits his job and founded the company with partner Abhishek Dixit (co-founder) who also holds 16 years of corporate work experience at various leadership role. The name of the company derived from the initials of their surname (Dixit and Malasi). After an intense research on MSME entrepreneur and their leadership skills and the challenges they are facing day to day, they got the idea of starting a consulting firm for solving their problems by giving them knowledge and training, as well as implementing the same.


Unique Selling Point:

D&M consultant is structured and designs with 5 step consulting method post numerous interventions and studies which includes market surveys, people engagement and industry feedback. These 5 steps are as follows:

  1. Consulting Meetings-In consulting meetings, They determine the complexity of their key business indices and build an systematic approach towards the firms.
  2. SOW (scope of work)-SOW is defined in every business objective and then worked upon by specialised and further implemented for respective outcome.
  3. Implementation and Review-This is a post-designing agreed strategies with the respective stakeholder, the specialist will work hand in hand for implementation, optimizing and channelizing the process for swift, consistent and acute yield, for staying on course with timelines and gauging this process.
  4. Employee Pulse Survey-This is the key indicator of employee satisfaction and also uncovers the key skill-set to stay afloat in their roles. Today, this is one of the top priorities owning to a higher differences in skilled employee versus the availability of the right resource.
  5. Employee Training- Employee needs to be productive, efficient and adaptable and improve skills in several areas including communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving. When employees undergo training, it improves their skills and knowledge of the job and builds their confidence in their ability.


Progress of D&M


First progress of D&M is witnessing unmatched 90% consulting project renewal year on year followed by some fantastic success stories at client’s place like one of their client grew in revenue by 300% in a 2 year’s time Another client expanded it’s retail outlet of health drinks from 15 outlets to 50 outlets in a year with the help of their consultancy on franchise business development. Not only this, D&M has launched 3 retail outlets for different clients of all Retail formats like from value fashion, supermarket, to Premium designer store in a year. D&M has provided their flagship consulting service product to all these clients which is Business 360, it includes Creating and finalizing a new Brand name, Brand Identity to marketing and branding, store layout and design, fixture planning and recruitment followed By making SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) for them. After covid in the year of 2020 D&M  acquired a big corporate client  for their digital service needs, and did a business of 19 lakhs in the first attempt only ,  Finally by the end of year 2021, they successfully been able to associate with one of the top 5 pharma company in India as an Agency partner for their New products & Packaging design.


Thus, for a successful running industry or business, an experienced and verified consulting company is required. If you are searching for a consulting organisation here your search end with D&M, The ‘best MSME business management consultancy in Ahmedabad’ for further details contact their official websites.