Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha Pvt Ltd launches natural anti-aging malt for body transformation

Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha Pvt Ltd launches natural anti-aging malt for body transformation

Chyavan Kaya Kalp Anti-Aging Malt is an original formula which we have carefully curated, as per the exact ingredients and process followed by Siddhas for ages to make their bodies ageless.



Chyavan Rishi Ayur Siddha Private Limited (CRASP) is not just a company but a tribute; a tribute to the legacy of Chyavan Rishi.


The Maharishi gets a mention in the Vedas and Indian mythological texts. He is so significant that the most common Ayurveda concoction that we use, Chyavanprash, follows his name.


CRASP is a reminder for people to focus on their health and well-being in their busy lives so that they can lead a long, happy and healthy life without pains, aches and ailments.


The latest addition to the portfolio has been the Chyavan KayaKalp Malt. Kaya in Sanskrit means “body” and kalpa means “transformation.” The Chyavan Kaya Kalp Anti-Aging Malt is an original formula which we have carefully curated, as per the exact ingredients and process followed by Siddhas for ages to make their bodies ageless.

This product helps with the overall wellness by working on the respiratory, digestive and urinary tract, immunity and stamina, internal healing and last but not the least, skin glow and radiance. This product believes in the philosophy that you are healthy and beautiful only if you are internally strong.


On this occasion, the co-founder of CRASP, Mr. Pravin Prashar said "We had received multiple requests for coming out with beauty and skincare products. While this is probably not what everyone expected, but who wouldn't want the skin to be healthy with just a teaspoon of Chyavan KayaKalp Malt every night?"


Also, Mr. Pankaj Dheer, the other co-founder said "Overall wellbeing of our customers is the center piece of what we do at CRASP. This product fits in with that philosophy perfectly and we are happy to be launching this product to help people remain healthy even with their busy lives"



Existing product range


The current range at Chyavan Rishi includes products that can take care of every day issues to chronic ailments: from oral care to gut and digestive health, from joint pain relief to energy and immunity and from tuberculosis to asthma.


All CRASP products are FSSAI certified and safe to consume, 100% ayurvedic and hence vegetarian and 100% natural.

CRASP stands out with use of Siddha methodology to make the products. Siddha techniques involve the use of minerals and herbs.


Our bestsellers


Chyavan Dard Nivarak

One of our bestselling products, this Mahua-based massage oil works wonders for arthritis. All one has to do is deep massage the oil till it is absorbed onto the skin and keep the area warm for the oil to work its magic. The oil works on bone and muscle development and thereby reduces the friction between the bones (primary cause of pain is the reduction is lubrication between joints). The oil is safe for massage of babies for the development of their bones and muscles.

Since it does not have a pungent odour and gets absorbed onto the skin, there is no compulsion to take a shower or clean the massaged area.


Chyavan Swachhak

A product fit for the travel industry, it helps prevent and treat Urinary Tract Infections. While data suggests that 1 in every 2 women and 1 in every 10 men are affected by UTIs, there is also a high chance of repeat infections, more so in industries like travel and hospitality wherein the staff spend a lot of time in confined and shared spaces. A simple teaspoon of this product followed by coconut water will take care of any issues related to UTIs.


The other products in the portfolio include Chyavan Danta for oral care, Chyavan Pachan for Gut health, Chyavan Kaya Swastham for immunity and energy, Chyavan Shwas for lung health and Chyavan KasaNirvah for the health of the respiratory tract.


One can look at the entire product range in detail on our website


Our plans

The current range of eight products will soon expand with the addition of products related to weight loss, a demand that has long been made by our customers.

Other upcoming concerns we are addressing are:

Dehydration: CRASP is coming up with a kadha that one can make at home by simply boiling in water

Piles: The ailment that never gets spoken of but affects almost 1 crore people every year.

Pyorrhea: A common oral health concern but unknown to the common populace

Ailments of hearts, lungs and intestines: The product will comprise of ‘gandham telam’ or sulphur oil to purify the blood and take care of the ailments affecting vital organs.


About the company


At the heart of CRASP is the alchemist, Mr Kanhaiya Das, who formulates the concoctions. Mr. Das has learnt the art of making the concoctions from the last known Siddha or ‘Siddha Purush’, Shri Vetavalli when he spent over half a decade with him in the 1960s.

Siddha, as per ancient texts, is a culture wherein people attained the highest level of physical and spiritual enlightenment, without aging, so that they remained healthy, both mentally and physically.


For five decades, Mr Das has been treating patients with chronic ailments and has devoted his life to the betterment of humankind. He has treated over 10,000 patients and continues to have a very strong following in various Ayurveda circles including the ones in Uttarakhand and Kerala.


He is ably aided by Mr Pravin Prashar and Mr Pankaj Dheer who bring to the table a corporate experience of over 14 years each. They look at the entire business from the lens of marketing, logistics and supply chain to ensure the best products with quality customer experience including next day dispatch, complaint-free packaging and grievance settlement mechanisms.


Since the launch in August 2021, the company has been able to improve the lives of more than 500 customers across the country with over 1,100 units sold.


This journey has just begun. Are you ready to come on board in pursuit of wellness?