Chandra Sales Coach - The Rollercoaster Ride of Creating Sales Champions For Indian SMEs – Writing His Own History

Chandra Sales Coach - The Rollercoaster Ride of Creating Sales Champions For Indian SMEs – Writing His Own History

A professional social worker turned freelancer, became an entrepreneur focusing on building sales systems for SMEs in India to produce up to 85% more sales revenue in 12 months or less!


Hailing from a development sector, Mr. Chandra worked as a freelance Soft Skills Trainer and then immediately understood the value of professional support in the Sales Training for businesses.  During his initial years, he personally helped individuals transform their lives by sharing his core belief, “Excellence is your birthright, claim it now!”. He also authored a book titled “Excellence Saadhinchandi” in Telugu language. After he shifted his focus and fall in love with Sales Training, immediately he started applying sales principles to his own business, helped friends in their business, started with small online and offline programs. Today Mr Chandra is the go-to resource with a decade of experience in Sales Training and Coaching   and known for his practical strategies focusing on small and medium enterprises (SMEs). More than 15000 small business people attended his online and offline workshops and his work has already been proven instrumental overall business game under the guidance of Mr. Chandra. With his contribution, he is recognised as Chandra Sales Coach.


A business is going to make sales sooner or later but in today’s business world speed is what matters. Chandra believes in creating and establishing Profitable Sales systems which pushes business owners to achieve upto 85% more sales revenue in 12 months or less. More than 200 businesses have received mentorship from Mr Chandra and could create a system to produce effective results in Sales and Marketing. These are the same SMEs that struggled with lack of leads, increasing ad cost for zero-response marketing, poor cash flow, prolonged sales cycles, struggled with recruitment and retention of sales and marketing teams, suffered with low price competitors, and had hard time building brands. Because of the interventions and systems they could learn and apply under the guidance of Mr Chandra, now they are positioned as preferred  and trusted businesses among the prospects and can reach their sales targets much sooner than most of their competitors. That is the reason SMEs consider him as their Sales Acceleration Partner!


Chandra is known for his sales and business development content in Telugu language on YouTube and he curates simple, informative, practical strategies. He is also South India’s preferred Sales Influencer and scaling his YouTube channel by producing the videos in English. “We are now planning a series of Sales Videos focusing on SMEs marketing, sales and business development; interviews with marketing and sales experts; hosting Sales Champions of known brands soon” , shared when we asked what are your plans as part of scaleup.

His signature programs like Sales Champion, Sales Power Business Bootcamp and Super Sales Army programs have achieved massive success across those Telugu states.


Mr. Chandra has also appeared on television shows telecasted by popular  Indian channels such as ETV Life, Vanitha TV, Doordarshan Yadagiri. He has actively contributed his insights for newspapers, magazines and web portals. Chekumuki, The Hans India, Inspiration Unlimited, FEM Magazine, Psychology Today (Telugu) are the few among them.


The 4-A Sales Acceleration Framework taught by Chandra is a simple but powerful method for SMEs to generate quality leads, close without pain of chasing customers and have complete controls over the sales process while giving freedom to adapt to personal style of individual sales executive or sales manager. “No two businesses are the same,  just like no two people are not the same. Your personality affects your profitability. The invisible intent impacts your visible sales results. That’s why we customize SMEs sales system strategies based on over understanding of their hunger to achieve their results, their market positioning, review of their current sales process and the vision they have for their growth. We take a 360° Sales Intervention Approach and build a Profitable Sales System” , shared Mr Chandra Sales Coach.


“Show me your employees and I will show you your company’s success rate” says Mr. Chandra. He truly believes in building the strengths of a sales team is the very next step after creating a sales strategy to impact the sales revenue for any business. As a business owner, one must always focus on strengthening people's capability with an updated and proven framework. Chandra has already played a crucial part in helping businesses build high-performance sales teams that are aligned to business goals, functional objectives and are instrumental in reaching 8-figure sales revenues. 


Apart from his busy schedule, he also makes sure he spends his personal time devoted to the uplifting the poor and needy sector. He plays his part in social activities by providing free personal excellence education to the underprivileged children and youth in rural parts of India. He closely works with NGOs and charitable trusts to help them raise funds through his grant writing skills, strategic partnerships.


When questioned on how he manages all his Sales Training and Coaching work along with his social activities, he said that “I spend most of the working days for work, I do not work one day per week and I don't even think about it that day. I follow a principle - If I touch something, I will finish and then only take up the next task. If I feel exhausted with projects, I just take time to cook , mostly experimenting with cooking. Cooking is a great stress buster for me”, he added.


To conclude, “I have been blessed with wonderful loving parents, wife, friends and relatives. I also have my share of failures. I always believe that every single day we must put effort towards our vision and keep moving no matter what. Focus on ONE THING that you love that is actually useful to people and they would pay you for service”.