Bestselling nonfiction self-help book LITTLE ME IN EVERYONE by Life Mechanic EDDYEE SIINGH completes one year of being a bestseller

Bestselling nonfiction self-help book LITTLE ME IN EVERYONE by Life Mechanic EDDYEE SIINGH completes one year of being a bestseller

Bestselling nonfiction self help book LITTLE ME IN EVERYONE written by Eddyee Siingh, who is popularly known as Life Mechanic completes one year of its release and success. The various topics discuss what we learn from evolution and relationships, spiritualism and sexuality, love, destiny, passion, monetary value, karma, hope and dreams, etc. It reminds us that doubting and cultivating negative thoughts only hinder our self growth. Eddyee Siingh has shared insights and thoughtful messages in an inspiring voice with a motivational purpose for young minds urging them to listen, contemplate, have conversations with that inner voice which is present in all, innately and thus nurture it. Ones who do believe for clarity we do need to get connected to our inner selves have to check this book out.

There are 59 chapters which talk about our core and how getting connected to it when the world feels all disconnected from each other may help in becoming mindful again.

A little me, which is the inner self is always present in us which can unlearn to learn again for a fresh approach towards things in which we feel hopeless. The thoughts and messages have a different approach to them. They focus upon the philosophical and spiritual aspects of our lives. That we are guided by a spiritual divine energy.

What is 'Little Me In Everyone' all about?

If you want to learn and grow in life, start exploring the world inside you and believe the omnipresent "Genius". Every human is born with a "genius", a guardian spirit allocated at birth. Caged in this mind is the 'Little Me' helping us, talking to us, questioning us, and nurturing us all along the way. The eternal conversations we have, our struggles for justifications and morals, and our gut feelings are what shape the voice of our 'Little Me'. It grows inside the spiritual realm of energy and the soul as we also grow with each new experience in life. The Self, the Ego and the Pride evolve from and dissolve within a person's 'Little Me'. In this book you'll find the reflections of everyone's 'Inner Self' and 'Little Me', protected by Spirit Guide "Genius" thus guiding us to learn and rejoice every moment of being alive despite the perplexities of life.

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Who is Eddyee Siingh and why is he popular as Life Mechanic?

Eddyee Siingh is an ardent, zealous and devoted entrepreneur, most reputed Mind coach, inspiring motivational speaker, and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner.

He is one of the best authors in India, as adjudged by national and international media. Little me in everyone marks the start of his exciting journey of writing down thoughts and sharing his stories with the world.

Eddyee is a distinguished hypnotherapist who has supported many people in finding underlying potential in them and regaining command over unpredictable and fragmented areas of life. His competence and effectiveness have helped numerous people from diverse fields to turn back to life with full intensity, spirit, and start afresh.

Eddyee Siingh is an enthusiastic racer who has won many national championships. He has also made priceless and fruitful contributions to the Motorsports industry in India by organizing, executing, and promoting many Motorsports Events across the country. 

His team is best known for the passion, creativity, enthusiasm, and skills they have for the sport in addition to having tons of experience in delivering perfection throughout. 

Eddyee has never been short of energy and passion when it comes to bringing a change in society and upliftment of people. He puts his heart, mind, and soul into everything practically possible that can support people in the achievement of their goals. He is the one who turns their dreams into reality. 

He helps the people by making the brain and heart come together in a unique way that leads to the satisfaction of both their desires as well as intent.