Army to Real Estate, journey of a real estate entrepreneur in India. Founder of RealEasy Homes.

Army to Real Estate, journey of a real estate entrepreneur in India. Founder of RealEasy Homes.

Our story:

Being in the army from age of 18, everything was well organised and structured in my life. Once I retired from Army and decided to purchase my dream home is when I realised how unorganised the real estate market was. This is when the entrepreneurial bug in me sparked the idea of simplifying the process for my fellow Indians. Thus with the help of my Kids I ventured into the real estate market of India with RealEasy homes.


Our mission is to simplify buying your dream property and making it as exciting as your first day in your dream home.


Our vision is to touch lives of atleast 1,000 successful buyers at the locations we serve.

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RealEasy Homes, a real estate company in Bengaluru, has made it possible for many common men and women to enter their dream homes. Last year, they helped more than 250 people own their dream property. The reason for their success is that they simplify buying a property to an unbelievable extent - All you need to do is to update your requirements, they scrutinize it against 100's of their partner builders and provide with the best 3 options, which by itself saves us from days of search time. Following this, they also accompany us for site visits to ensure the best price from builders. Best of all, they're tied with leading banks in India to avail best home loan rates and offers. So it is for real 360-degree support for property purchases, that too free of cost for common buyers.


The company has plans of expanding further in other parts of India. Pune and Mumbai are the immediate cities RealEasy Homes is eyeing to scale in. Their head branch would still be Bengaluru as it is at present. The company has made a network with as many as 100+ builders which is the base of the company. This strong network is the key reason for RealEasy Homes being a step ahead of its competitors.


'Real Easy Homes' has been in business for nearly 5 years. It has a strong sense of marketing and client engagement. They charge zero brokerage and commission from their clients. They say, "unlike others, we never charge any commission or brokerage from any of our clients, we do care more about the project success rather than just focusing on our commission."


From the number of years in service, it's clear that they are strict when it comes to the quality and durability of their projects. That is why they work with verified & RERA-approved builders only. Also, the benefits it provides to its clients are exclusive. RealEasy Homes, also assists with home loans for clients to buy their dream property. The company organizes a lucky draw of 1 lakh minimum and 3 lakh maximum cash prize. They provide 1000 INR cash as a bonus just for a site visit through a lucky draw won by many. These are the exclusive facilities, the company offers to its clients and makes it easy, beneficial, and affordable for one to own their dream property. Thus if you too are looking to get your dream realized, RealEasy Homes is the one you can trust on. Visit for more information.