Adapting to change: Mahesh Kaamath's and his toil to make MAK Trading Academy a success journey.

Adapting to change: Mahesh Kaamath's and his toil to make MAK Trading Academy a success journey.

A bird’s eye view


Mahesh Kaamath is a man who has seen the best rise and the most catastrophic falls in the market. Be it the 2008 Lehman Brothers Housing Crash or the COVID-19 induced global market crash, he has been a fighter to witness victory. He started his journey in 2008 and it was three years of pure perseverance before he was introduced to Supply Demand Trading which is based on Price Action Strategy. Cut to 2021 in the midst of the pandemic he started MAK Trading School.


In an extremely oversimplified definition, Supply Demand Trading is the school of thought that believes a fluctuation in stock price happens due to changes in demand and supply directly or indirectly. This technique of trading is based on a  strategy quite often used called Price Action Strategy which states that one should rely on the combination of price movements and technical factors compared to other strategies where the focus is solely on just one of these factors.


The Journey


Change is the only constant


This quote written above defines the journey of Mahesh Kaamath. Mr Kaamath started off as a person who had a limited understanding of stock markets. So, in late 2008 right after the housing crash, he set about learning this skill and as mentioned above it was only 3 years later that he found the one course that gave him the confidence and skill to achieve his dream of being a trader. A testament to his dedication to staying relevant, he stayed solely dependent on trading as a livelihood.


His second life-changing experience occurred in 2016 when he joined the same academy that made him a trader as a Consulting Instructor. Having little to no experience on the teaching front, he was nervous as any other person would naturally be in this situation. But soon being in the company of fellow like-minded traders. He excelled at the job. Not only did he teach well he also in his own words became a better trader.


All the chips fell in the right place for Mr Kaamath as he was also concurrently promoted to the position of a full-time professional trader he found himself having ample spare which he graciously invested in teaching his students. As his nuance and finesse got better with experience the guidelines and curriculum started to feel like a limitation to Mr Kaamath knowing he had a lot more to share. He decided to leave the Academy and start his own venture named along with a cofounder.


He left shortly after and started another academy MAK Trading Academy where he not only teaches students the utmost quality of education but also provides the education at affordable prices.


About MAK Trading Academy

Starting in 2021 the growth has been considerable. MAK has had the fortune of teaching over 2000 students and has tie-ups with major firms one of which is Traddictiv based in the island nation of Singapore and is run by Mr Kaamath’s mentor Jose Blasco.


The Best Way to Learn Something is to Teach it to Someone Else


A philosophy is clearly visible in his story. His expertise in stocks and stocks futures trading is made better and better each time he steps into a classroom with more students who want to claim the knowledge of making money work and contribute to the nation’s emerging economy. With over 10K students already taught in his lifetime, there are no signs that Mr Kaamath is going to slow down anytime soon. With the dedication and passion visible in his teaching he continues to add students to the country’s workforce who are simply an asset to reckon with.


Closing Thoughts


A person who had no knowledge about the stock market now not only makes a living out of it but also teaches others how to do the same is a story that is an inspiration to everyone out there who has even the slightest doubt that they can’t achieve something. Here is the reality. And if there is one thing about stock markets that Mahesh Kaamath can tell you with certainty, never take a position that’s a sure loss. Having said that, not taking the first step to your dreams is also one such risk.